Youth Art Express 2012 Artist Feature: Yasmine Suleiman

"Levitated Man" by Yasmine Suleiman

Artist Statement

"These pieces are a collection and illustration of my progress as an artist.  I've tried to expand my horizon and try different methods with different materials.  A large part of what I try to accomplish is relating the subject/ content of my work to the technique that goes into it.  The process should reflect the subject and what it implies.  As far as content, I tend to be inspired by the essence of something, rather than its' physical or tangible aspects.  If I can appreciate the concept of a given ideal, the art will compose itself naturally.  In this sense, the focus of my work weighs a great deal on symbolism and surreal imagery.

Although some of these pieces are so different from one another, they all carry a centralized value that reflects my aesthetic.  I draw elements from the past to interpret my present and imagine my future.  Whether it be an observation,  documented history, or a personal experience, the past is my main tool.  The past is the ultimate resource."

"Ephemeral Landscape" by Yasmine Suleiman

To contact or commission the artist email youthartexpress@gmail.com.

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