Youth Art Express 2012

Zanbeel Arts latest project “Youth Art Express” is a Platform for the up and coming generation of artists who are emerging with a fresh perspective. This Platform focuses on the pace and expressions of youth culture within the United States, as it evolves, grows, and develops an identity of its own. The exhibit will examine personal, cultural, social, environmental, and global matters youth around the world are confronted by in their daily lives. We aim to learn about the hopes, dreams, influences, struggles, successes, fears, and joys they face.


This year’s exhibit will showcase the works of South Asian and American emerging artists who have joined hands for the love of art, peace, and progressive thought. The showcase will focus on youth subculture from an international perspective, as it creatively unites, grows, and finds a unique voice of it's own.

Participating artists include Farah Ahed, Sadaf Ahmed, Asna Habib, Sana Haroon, Khalid Hussein, Kamal Khan, Mona Khan, Dario Mellado, Irfan Mirza,Yousra Qadir, Adam Rasheed, Nadia Rawjee, Kite Sparrow, Sara Suleman, Yasmine Suleiman, and Arezo Yassai

Poetry reading by Mehnaz Sahibzada

Raffle /Book corner and shop /Art workshops 

Co-Curators: Sadaf Ahmed & Raeesa Tar

Saturday, December 1, 2012
2:00pm - 7pm
Exhibit runs through December 7, 2012
Bergamot Station
2525 Michigan Ave, Suite D5
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Contact: 310 586 9789 // 310 359 2090
RSVP: youthartexpress@gmail.com


Zanbeel Art is a South Asian cultural resource that uses art to break down barriers between South Asia and the United States. By fostering understanding between cultures, encouraging confidence among youth, and planting seeds of tolerance for future generations, Zanbeel Art builds bridges for a peaceful future.

All proceeds raised from this exhibit will benefit Zanbeel Art's South Asian Art Literacy For Youth program (SAALY), designed in collaboration with Cheryl Maletta Trujillo. SAALY 
provides art classes to low socio economic LAUSD schools. This year’s program features a creative exchange between 5th grade students in The Watts Elementary School with their counterparts in Karachi, Pakistan. The exchange is taking place in collaboration with the Citizens Archive of Pakistan.