Artist Spotlight: Irfan Mirza

Pakistani native Irfan Mirza uses his most recent painting series to capture feelings of love, fear, beauty, pain, violence, suffering, and hope that exist in the worlds current affairs with startling precision.

His work is dazzlingly colorful, excruciatingly painful, and mesmerizingly hopeful all at the same time.

Artist Statement

My most recent painting series is all about human violation and natural disasters. I am painting about war, earthquakes, floods, suicide bombing, and people who are financially frustrated in the current state of the world. This series has been inspired by electronic and print media where one can see the suffering that exists around the world. My work express my pain for the suffering people everywhere and my plea for help from God to bring peace on earth.


Hope Survive

The title of my painting expresses my hope to survive the destruction, exploitation and violation prevalent in the world presently, there is still 'hope', which survives in the hearts of the people that peace will re emerge one day. This art work illuminates the current horrifying humanitarian conditions of the world. The rough strokes show the preponderance of evil over good. The colors that i have used are mainly red, blue and black with some shades of purple. The color red illustrates the danger that is predominant amongst people; this fear is  reflected in the terrifying eyes of the figures i have made. Red is also the sign of blood and it signifies 'life' and indicates 'survival'. Blue on the other hand, shows the inspiration and sincerity through which people are wanting spiritual and physical relief from the terror. Consequently, black means grief and death, and purple symbolizes mystery. This painting reflects fear, danger, death, destruction and mystery, but most importantly, it indicates a hope for survival, that is the primary requirement for human beings everywhere. 


Hidden Fear

I have illustrated the fear that has grasped human beings all over the world through this piece of art. It is mainly about the death and destruction that currently exists throughout the world, which. Fear is a major component of the terror prevalent in the form of bomb attacks in Pakistan. It has made man's life on earth miserable. Bomb attacks that are executed against "terrorists" create lasting moments of terror in the nation. Even the innocent are being miserably killed. The distorted lines in this art work indicates the disturbance in the lives of the innocent people. The use of colors like black and red indicates the danger and hidden fear of death amongst the people. However, human beings are hopeful about their conditions because no matter whatever the consequences are, man remains hopeful for the betterment of himself and for his fellow human beings.


Mirza will be one of the artists to be showcased at "Youth Art Express", taking place in Los Angeles later this year. For more information on Irfan Mirza or Youth Art Express contact youthartexpress@gmail.com.

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